Build Self-Confidence & Wellness For Divine Goddesses & Demi-Gods!

Love the functional beautiful skin you’re in, whatever the season, & get out there & enjoy yourself without anyone else’s opinions & insecurities dragging you down!  Never carry someone else’s baggage or fear.  Own yours!

Follow your heart (your personalised DNA GPS) & you will love your results that follow!

Everything in MODERATION!  

Change that is naturally sustainable takes time & dedication every day!

Avoid rushed results, they don’t give long term health benefits.

Cruise control, create healthy ethical, sustainable habits for lifelong fulfilment of your natural genetic potential.

If you need help getting unstuck, please feel & be safe to contact us or your local family health contact or suicide services!  They are trained & trusted specifically to guide you also to a positive fresh new beginning.

Be free!  We are always a work in progress, inside & out, hour by hour, interaction by interaction.

Enjoy the experiences & veer towards the light & you could very well last forever ❤️💜.

Love Mandi, Hichem, J, Z & Scarlet xo 

Buffbeachbabe Ltd (New Zealand)

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