Detaching & Managing Emotions Healthily

Just took my girls back to school after a beautiful week & long weekend at home together connecting over food, shopping, online games, art & body care, exercise & relaxation & lots of hugs.  

So grateful to live in the lifestyle that we have, yet it soooo needs to be levelled back more, as when I get my kids, they have huge monetary expectations after staying with the ex...puts a tremendous amount of financial & emotional pressure on everyone & I’m busy trying to teach them how to survive in the face of adversity during a global financial & health pandemic (without compromising our own personal health & wellbeing!).  


So in short...not thinking too far ahead (or we all suffer anxiety) is the best way to train them yet, with thought given to what you are buying/doing, how we do it & the lasting effects it can have on our physical & emotional health & the long term wellbeing of our planet.  Such a balancing act with the constant pull of consumerism (as this is how we have adapted to survive) tempted to get off grid & have certainly enjoyed this lockdown time to give some great thoughts more perspective!

Keep moving your bodies & enjoy the clothing you train in & express your inner self with by purchasing what makes your heart sing!

And nourish your soul with uplifting music & wholesome memories.  Today I’m having a self care day whilst cracking slowly back into my mission of passion & lifestyle @buffbeachbabe

Peace & Love, we are one family ❤️🧘‍♀️💪🏽
Mandi Matheson




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