Self-Marketing Your Lifestyle

Conceptual Marketing for Health, Fitness & Mindfulness


Whilst embracing my fears & making them my friend by shedding all of my inhibitors & inhibitions, I have discovered epic empowerment through my “bad habit” of oversharing.


As a New Zealand Fitness Industry Professional & Athlete for 30 years I have always strived to be a bit of a perfectionist, brought on by an inner drive never to fail after surviving a near drowning as a toddler.  This triggered a survival response in my brain to always want to be in control of a situation that I felt threatened within.


But after the baggage of life & relationships failures, kids, work, adult responsibilities, grief & lifelong depression totally managed by my health & fitness lifestyle, eventually the wheels got loose & started spinning out of control a few months ago as I forced myself into “fitting into” societies box that didn’t give me the freedom I craved with the balance of inner peace. So I essentially burned out!


If you wake up in the morning (same old, same old) life can get you down as it’s pretty boring if you don’t change one or two things up occasionally to see how it manifests itself in your universe! Be OPEN to trying it... It may just be having a cooked breakfast midweek instead of a smoothie! Keep it SIMPLE. (Otherwise you’ll do what I did & set too many plates spinning & then it gets stressful managing them all effectively without them spinning out & you crashing).


Educate yourself about nutrition if you want a long healthy less painful life! You are welcome to ask me anything & if I feel out of my experiential depth, I can refer you to one of my professional health & medical buddies. I can’t sing enough praises for organic natural healthful food from God of Nature...water, leafy greens & healthy fats! Clean water or herbal tea(hot or iced), fresh produce & tasty food to satisfy your senses. And treats in moderation, otherwise things can spin out of balance right?  We all love a bit of pleasure in moderation!


Get some sunlight everyday where possible, vitamin D is a lifesaver!


Play music that makes your soul sing! I feel the old school music has so much more love & purpose nutrition in the lyrics, especially the Kiwi & Australian ‘80’s & ‘90’s bands who got a poor deal on airplay internationally back then so we need to pay homage on Spotify to those epic tunes that just make you want to groove around your house with your flossing kids! 🤣🤘It just makes me FEEL GOOD! (Everyone could EXPRESS THEMSELVES a bit more instead of repression.)


Learn your bodytype & hormonal functions at the stage of life you have evolved into as a reflection of your lifestyle. Keep moving through exercise for your body & brain & soul.

Share worries with loved ones you can trust, as a problem shared is a problem halved & some logical minds can sort a solution rather than you stewing & stressing your body & mind about it, resulting in projecting your fears & toxic moods onto everyone else! (Remember it’s YOUR THOUGHTS about the PROBLEM that are making it into one, when you could meditate & overcome the issue blissfully). Learn & practice techniques to keep your mind & body in calm equilibrium control!


I love running, swimming, Pilates, weights(most days) & just getting out with my dog & a friend & walking the beach or bush whilst having a good verbal download...which is why I’m here to remind you...dress to kill- it feels fantastic for your self worth & you only have one life so what you feel great in on that day will help your mood stay stable. Embrace the windy chilly occasion like I did with my @icebreaker Sydney Wrap as it wraps me & keeps me warm & feels beautiful like the hug/embrace from Jacinda Ardern in the hijab...very practical clothing & nobody tends to wolf-whistle which is great as I am so tired of being objectified & degraded by men that don’t know how to treat a woman with respect & have always judged by objectification (due to societal psychological influences unbeknownst to them- they need to make THEMSELVES more SELF-AWARE).  (Epic piece of fashionwear by the way the hijab- very functional!)


Share your happiness with the world & celebrate with others as love breeds love & always learn to forgive yourself first so that you have the tools to forgive others mishaps that they really didn’t mean to involve you in I’m sure!


Love being happy spending wholesome time alone, it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself for my spiritual growth & wisdom.


Live your best life as happy endings are definitely attainable if you are open to change! Embrace all of the amazing fragmented mosaics of your beautiful unique personality & indulge them in a positive way that keeps you anxiety free! If the panic comes back, change shit up gradually so the universe can settle into calmness.


Peace & love from New Zealand my friends ❣️Follow my journey on @buffbeachbabe on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM & SUBSCRIBE to our Private Life Member Page through online shop, then friend us on Facebook so we can add you to our relaxed family!  Buffbeachbabe health, fitness & wellness tips for your lifestyle, or just for a good hearty laugh! Workout content also on YouTube, just search “Buffbeachbabe Lifestyle” & remember to hit SUBSCRIBE for more free updates!

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